Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment 
and Professional Development
The office of curriculum and assessment is responsible for a number of different functions, including:
  • Implementation and evaluation of K-12 curriculum.
  • Coordination and interpretation of various assessments and assessment results.
  • Organization of professional development for faculty and administration.

The Gilford School District curriculum is based on the Common Core Curriculum Standards and the New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards
. Curriculum is designed to actively engage all students in a broad range of educational experiences and opportunities. As a district, we are continually examining our curriculum and instructional practices to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students.

Mathematics Update
During the 2014-15 school year a group of K - 12 Math teachers met to evaluate and observe different mathematics programs with the idea of piloting two in the fall, with a final decision for full implementation in grades K – 8 to be made in November 2015. The program chosen is Eureka Math. It is the belief of the K - 8 teachers that this program will prepare our students to be thinkers and problem solvers and to really understand math. (An independent research organization reviewed all of the various publisher's math curricula and evaluated them on several criteria.  This graphic summarizes those findings.)

GSD Opportunities for S.T.E.M. Related Learning
Gilford School District teachers and administrators have put forth a goal of expanding students' access to learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math both in the classroom setting and beyond.

Professional Development Master Plan

During the school year 2014-15 the Professional Development committee met to rewrite the Gilford School District Professional Development Master Plan for 2015-20 . The committee created this structure and process to ensure the advancement of student learning and the development of a collaborative learning community.

The purpose of the Gilford School District Professional Development Plan is to:

  1. Create a framework that enhances the capacity of administrators, teachers, assistant teachers, paraeducators and support staff to facilitate the success of all learners.

  1. Meet the NH Department of Education recertification requirements for administrators, teachers, assistant teachers, paraeducators and support staff as outlined in administrative rule ED 521.02 NCLB 2122(b)(5), ED 512.03-04.

  1. Support the professional and personal improvement of administrators, teachers, assistant teachers, paraeducators and support staff, enabling them to identify, support, and meet the diverse needs of learners.

  1. Support the professional growth of the educator who will establish professional learning goals through self-assessment, disaggregated student data, and consideration of district and school goals.

  1. Reflect the present and long-term school and district goals, developed at the building, administrative, and school board levels, as published in the Strategic Plan and the annual district goals adopted by the Gilford School Board.

  1. Enrich and improve our knowledge of current best practices and critical issues as well as to address the areas of need as identified through needs assessment surveys of administrators, faculty, and staff.

  1. Support the application of newly acquired professional skills.

  1. Continuously assess and improve the effectiveness of the district’s professional development program.

Personalized Learning in the Gilford School District
One of the most ambitious elements of the GSD Long Range Plan is the challenge to our educators to advance opportunities for our students to experience a more personalized approach to learning. Want to know more about where this comes from? How it relates to our past, present, and future?