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Gilford School District and the Common Core State Standards

Welcome to the Home Site for the Gilford School District's Common Core State Standard alignment initiative.
Within this site, you will find a series of charts that link the CCSS to various classroom assessments within the Gilford School District. We have chosen to create this simple but direct manner of demonstrating how students progress through the Common Core State Standards. Our goal is to demonstrate each student's competency in the College and Career Readiness Standards.

Our teachers monitor and update progress toward this alignment on an ongoing basis, and all charts reflect what is currently assessed in their respective content areas. These are considered to be 'dynamic documents' - that is, updated on an ongoing basis to insure that content is current and accurate. We have chosen to align our work to the Common Core State Standards using classroom assessments. This insures that there is a direct link between what students are expected to know and the CCSS, while maintaining an appropriate amount of flexibility in unit design for our teachers. Using this approach means that teachers can meet the learning needs of individuals or groups of students while bringing them along the same learning progression. 

A few helpful notes about the Common Core State Standards
These standards guide teachers in developing the curricula. While they are not actually curricula themselves, they insure that what is taught at each grade level is consistent both within our school district,  between other school districts in the state, and with the 46 other states who have adopted the CCSS. 

All of the standards are built as K-12 progressions off of College and Career Readiness Standards, and larger picture "Anchor Standards" or "Mathematical Practices" that form the organization of the CCSS. This insures that, beginning in Kindergarten, standards build toward a common set of expectations for high school graduates in New Hampshire. 

Content Areas
The CCSS apply directly to skills and content in English-Language Arts and Math. Other content areas that use reading, writing, or speaking/listening skills are also required to align their curricula to these standards, but they are listed on separate charts. The index below features links to charts that have been created and are maintained by teachers in Gilford. These charts connect classroom assessments to their corresponding Common Core State Standards. 

Links to the GSD Common Core State Standards alignment charts:
Please click on the links below that correspond to the area of the Common Core State Standards that are of interest to you. These links lead to an index of charts within each content area. 

         Mathematics Standards

*** Please Note: As 'dynamic documents' these charts are very much under construction. You will notice that some are developed in greater detail than others. This may be a result of ongoing work in that area, or it may be that the specific content area does not require full alignment to CCSS. Please contact specific teachers or the Director of Curriculum and Instruction with specific questions or concerns regarding our work on these standards.