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We take student safety seriously  in the Gilford School District. To that end, the Emergency Preparedness Committee comprised of school personnel, police, and fire officials in conjunction with the New Hampshire Emergency Management Office has developed an Emergency Operations Plan. This plan provides an organized, systematic, and flexible approach to dealing with emergencies while providing optimum support for students, teachers and staff with minimal disruption of the education process. The plan outlines methods the Gilford School District will use to mitigate, prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents.

In the event of an emergency at school, parents are advised to listen to the radio or log onto to the District website for details. ( Please avoid calling the school as this will tie up emergency telephone lines. You will receive information from the sources above or via our emergency calling system on the place and time you can reunite with your child. Do not, unless instructed, drive to the school as this may inhibit emergency responders.


Laurie Belanger, Student Assistance Counselor                      

School Resource Officer                                           

Anthony Sperazzo, High School Principal           

Peter Sawyer, Middle School Principal             

Kirk Beitler, Superintendent of Schools                              

Brenda McGee, Director of Technology                                  

Tim Bartlett, Director of Building and Grounds                        

School Nurse                          

Danielle Bolduc, Elementary School Principal                    

Eric Bredbury, Corporal Prosecutor Gilford Police Department                 

Brad Ober, Deputy Chief Gilford Fire Department               

Mike Balcom, Captain Gilford Fire Department

Rick Andrews, Captain Gilford Fire Department            


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