Strategic Plan

September 18, 2018

Dear Gilford School District Stakeholders,

The Gilford School District will be working over the next several months to review and revise the District Strategic Plan. The last five-year strategic plan for the Gilford School District was put together in 2012.  It is now time to update and renew that work to keep our district focused on the current needs of our students and community. 

A strategic plan articulates our purpose, provides direction, and outlines goals and action plans for the next five years.  One of the most important parts of strategic planning are the conversations with stakeholders around the mission of the Gilford School District and how we will both achieve our mission and accomplish our goals.  The strategic plan will provide the district with a clear direction with benchmarks along the way to keep us focused. 

Throughout the strategic planning process we will share information, but more importantly we will be looking for input from our stakeholders and that is where we will need your help. There are different entry points in the process for various stakeholders and stakeholder groups.  Stakeholders will be asked to help in gathering data and analyze the data.  We will want community members, along with our educators, to be part of focus groups and to complete surveys.  The job of developing SMART goals and action plans is really the work of our talented educators, who know and understand not only the curriculum and learning process, but more importantly our children.  As you can see, we are interested in engaging a broad range of stakeholders in the strategic planning process for the Gilford School District.

We will house information regarding our strategic planning progress on the front page of the district website,, under the strategic planning tab.  There will also be monthly updates at the Gilford School Board meetings, held on the first Monday of each month at Gilford Elementary School at 6:00 PM.

Kind regards,

Rae Mello Andrews, School Board Chair                         

Kirk Beitler, Superintendent of Schools

GSD Web Master,
Dec 19, 2018, 10:00 AM