Message from the SAU

March 26, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, Teachers and Students,

The last two weeks have turned our idea of k-12 schooling on its head.  This week we have implemented our Remote Learning Plan in the Gilford School District.  Planning and beginnings are always important in setting the stage for future success.  I am hopeful that students, staff and parents/guardians have settled into a routine and established a dedicated work area in your homes.

Success in this endeavor depends greatly on the interaction of the teachers, students and parents/guardians creating a pathway for all learners.  The unusual and unexpected situation we find ourselves in may actually be an opportunity to demonstrate the Gilford School District Portrait of a Learner attributes; Collaboration, Innovation, Self-Direct and Critically Think.  I believe there is an entry point for all learners in our Remote Learning Plan and I am hopeful that we all consider this as an opportunity for tremendous growth.

            Let’s take a look at how we can assist students in the learning process:

  • Have a conversation with your learner:
    • Discuss the daily schedule,
    • Provide praise for being self-directed,
    • Have the learner explain their thinking,
    • Make sure the learner has the support needed to be successful,
  • Encourage organizational strategies:
    • Create a calendar with due dates,
    • Create a spreadsheet with teacher contact, course name, other supports (i.e. online learning platforms, google classroom or meet),
    • Create a list of daily task,
  • Implement the basics:
    • Evaluate and reflect on the schedule daily, make adjustments,
    • Review due dates,
    • Periodically organize and clean your workspace,
    • Remove distractions while you work,
    • Advocate for your learning, reach out if you need help,
  • Evaluate your progress:
    • Reflect on your progress daily,
    • Make adjustments to your schedule to increase productivity,
    • Email an adult from the school for help,
    • Write down questions to ask for the next day,
  • Stay healthy:
    • Maintain a regular sleep schedule,
    • Maintain a healthy diet,
    • Drink water,
    • Stay active,
    • Do something as a family each day.

It is important that we look at Remote Learning as an opportunity for structure and growth.  Gilford School District staff has reached out to support learners in all of our schools, we want to keep that collaboration alive.  We have the opportunity to think outside of the box and explore innovative ideas for learning new information.  We must be self-directed to manage this new experience in our homes.  I am confident that teachers will provide opportunities for learners to critically think. 

Please reach out to me or anyone within the Gilford School District if you need help.


Kirk Beitler
Superintendent of Schools


March 15, 2020

Dear Gilford Families;

I hope this email finds you well.  These are uncertain times in our world, please take time for yourself.  Do things with your children that are normal and consistent; watch movies, read books, play board games or get outside to exercise.  Take care of each other.

I am writing to update you on our efforts in the Gilford School District to plan and prepare for the remote learning experience.  You may be aware Governor Sununu and New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner Edelblut announced this afternoon that all schools in New Hampshire will be closed until April 6th, at which time the response will be re-evaluated.

Remote Learning Experience:

In the Governor’s address he outlined the week of March 16-20, for school districts to prepare for remote learning experiences and the school closure will be re-evaluated by April 3rd.  We will start these efforts tomorrow in our schools.  Teachers, support staff and administrators will be in the schools starting tomorrow working on our plan.  There are many items we must consider as we develop this transition.

Resources for students:

We will develop a plan for students to pick up resources at the schools that they will need from the school for their learning.  This will be shared by individual school principals. 

Teaching and Learning Expectations:

We will develop teaching and learning expectations.  As this is a long term remote learning experience teaching and learning will be a work in progress. 

Special Education / 504 Plans:

We will develop a plan to provide special education and 504 services; this will be communicated individually to the appropriate parents/guardians. 

Family Support and Food Service:

We are working with Gilford Got Lunch on a plan to provide food for learners during this time away from the school building.  We want to be a support for families that need help navigating these new realities.

Office Hours:

Our schools and SAU office will remain open at this time.  We will update our office hours in the coming days and communicate with families.  Please call ahead so we can plan on your arrival.  More information will be shared tomorrow.


Kirk Beitler

Superintendent of Schools


School Election Results from March 10, 2020 Voting



School Administrative Unit Seventy Three

 2 Belknap Mountain Road Tel.   (603) 527-9215
    Gilford, NH 03249 Fax.  (603) 527-9216

       Kirk Beitler Scott D. Isabelle
Superintendent of Schools              Business Administrator

March 12, 2020

Dear Gilford School Community,

I am writing to provide an update regarding COVID-19 and the Gilford School District. 

The Gilford School District employee that is quarantined is feeling healthy and is showing no flu like symptoms.  Please be reassured that we are not aware of anyone who is sick with COVID-19 in the Gilford School District. 

In the Gilford School District we have decided to suspend all field trips until March 31st at which time we will re-evaluate our procedures.  We will also be evaluating and canceling large group gatherings in our schools.  We will also be keeping volunteers out of our schools.  These protocols will be in place until further notice.  Re-evaluation will occur regularly and as new information becomes available from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the Winnipesaukee Public Health Council.

The Gilford High School Varsity Boys’ Basketball team will be playing in the state championship game at 7:30 PM at Keene State College Friday, March 13th.  We will not have a fan bus travel to Keene.  I have talked with the Mascenic Regional School District Superintendent, Dr. Martin, and we agreed that it is not our jurisdiction to cancel the game, but thought it best if we leave it to families to make the choice if students would attend the game as spectators.  Mascenic will not have a fan bus either.

The Principals in our schools will be surveying parents electronically and by hardcopy related to internet connections in homes.  We are planning for the possibility of online / virtual school taking place if we get to the point of having to shut our schools for a period of time.  We will work with our local health officials if we get to the point of closing our schools.

If the school district were to shut down for a period of time we would work with the Food Service Department and the Gilford Got Lunch Program to make sure that food was available and potentially delivered to those learners that depend on the school for meals.

There are several students and staff in our schools that have the seasonal flu at this time.  Please stay home and keep learners home if they are sick.  If learners have had a fever they need to stay home for at least 24 hours after no longer having the fever or signs of a fever (i.e., chills, feeling warm, flushed appearance). 

If families are traveling please let the Principals of the schools know this information.  Travel on cruise ships and overseas will require a 14 day quarantine before re-entry into the school setting.  Travel within the United States could require a 14 day quarantine before re-entry into the school setting.  These determinations will be made on a case by case situation in conjunction with the local health official. 

Resources for families to connect with to get more information include:

·       Center For Disease Control

·       New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

·       Winnipesaukee Public Health Council



Kirk Beitler

Superintendent of Schools



School Administrative Unit Seventy Three

 2 Belknap Mountain Road Tel.   (603) 527-9215
    Gilford, NH 03249 Fax.  (603) 527-9216

       Kirk Beitler Scott D. Isabelle
Superintendent of Schools          Business Administrator

March 9, 2020

Dear Gilford School Community,

I am writing this morning to provide an update regarding COVID-19 and the Gilford School District.

At this time we have a person in our District that has been asked by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to quarantine until Sunday, March 15.  Please be reassured that we are not aware of anyone who is sick with COVID-19 in the Gilford School District.  The Gilford employee that has been asked to quarantine is healthy and is showing no flu like symptoms. 

I spoke to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Chief, Infectious Disease Prevention, Investigation & Care Services Section this morning.  The Chief informed me that the quarantine is a precautionary step.  The quarantined individual returned from vacation last week and was on transportation (bus) with an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Chief from DHHS is not asking that schools be closed because of this quarantine.  The recommendation from DHHS continues to be precautions such as:

  • Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or longer,
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Stay home if you are sick and / or have a fever and remain home for at least 24 hours after you no longer have a fever (without fever-reducing medication) or signs of a fever (i.e., chills, feeling warm, flushed appearance), and respiratory symptoms are improving,
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose with unwashed hands,
  • Do not share personal items such as water bottles,
  • Avoid contact with individuals who are sick,
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

The Gilford quarantined staff member has been in all of the Gilford School District facilities prior to being asked to quarantine.  Students and staff members that have health concerns should monitor their well being closely and always seek medical attention if anyone feels that their health is compromised. 

The Gilford School District is planning school as usual moving forward.  There are several
Field Study Experiences that we are continuing to discuss and make sure these experiences are not exposing our community to a health issue.  We will make decisions on these experiences in a timely manner – with that said, things may change after we make a decision in a “reasonable period of time” and we may have to quickly adapt to these changes.

If the Gilford School District were to close for an extended period of time this direction would come from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.  We would work closely with DHHS on communication and the length of our closure.  If this were the case we would use some of that time for Blizzard Bag work, but we would also work with the Gilford School Board and New Hampshire Department of Education to consider the days missed from school and our best path forward.

If you have questions please contact your child’s School Nurse, Principal or myself.


Kirk Beitler, Superintendent of Schools


Letter from Superintendent Beitler regarding the Coronavirus

March 1, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope everyone has had a restful weekend.  We have cleaned and disinfected our schools over the past week.  As always, our first priority to students, family and staff is to keep everyone in the Gilford School community healthy and safe. With new information becoming available daily, we are following CDC and NH DHHS guidelines regarding influenza and other outbreaks.

The best defense in staying healthy throughout the flu season is to:

  • to get plenty of sleep,
  • stay hydrated,
  • do not share personal items or eating utensils/water bottles, 
  • remind your child to wash their hands frequently, 
  • cough or sneeze into their elbow, 
  • Please keep your child home if they have a cough, fever or sore throat. Children may return to school once they have been fever and vomit free for 24 hours without medication unless their health care provider advises that they remain home for a longer period of time.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether or not your child should be at school, please contact your school nurse. 

The most updated information is available at the following websites:

• U.S. CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

• NH DHHS website: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/cdcs/2019-ncov.htm 

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our students and staff safe.


Meg Jenkins, GHS Nurse

Beth Haddock, GMS Nurse

Jenn Johansson, GES Nurse

Kirk Beitler, Superintendent

News & Announcements

Kid Wearing Cap.png

Fingerprinting for Volunteers and Chaperones

The Gilford School District welcomes volunteers in our schools.

A fingerprint background check is required in all Gilford schools for individuals, volunteers and chaperones engaged in the following activities:

  • classroom volunteers

  • chaperones on field trips

  • assisting at school activities such as dances, plays and concerts

  • volunteer coach

Once a thorough background investigation and criminal records check is complete with no disqualifying records and the volunteer has completed orientation, the volunteer will be issued an identification badge to be worn every time the volunteer works in the school.  Click here for complete volunteer fingerprinting procedure.  

Fingerprint clinics are scheduled at the SAU office located at  2 Belknap Mountain Road.  A photo ID is required for identification.  

The next Volunteer Fingerprint Clinic is scheduled for
Tuesday, March 24, 2020 from 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

The process takes approximately 20 minutes.  New sessions start every ten minutes.

Photos will be taken for ID badge.


Anyone who volunteers in the Gilford School District must complete an annual volunteer affidavit.

Volunteers who have already been issued an ID badge and would like a new badge for the 2019-2020 school year need to complete the Volunteer Affidavit and submit to the SAU office. 

The form can be printed, completed and submitted to the SAU.  

Gilford School District policies JFABD (Admission of Homeless Students), JBAA (Sexual Harassment) and JICK (Bullying and Cyberbullying) must be reviewed annually by all volunteers.  

Click here for the link to the form:  2019-2020 Annual Volunteer Affidavit  

Click here for the link to the policies:  Policies Required for Annual Review by Volunteers

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