Important Dates

Public Hearing
August 2, 2021 ~6:00 p.m.
Gilford High School Library

The Gilford School Board will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, August 2, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. in the Gilford High School Library to discuss the acceptance of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund III to reimburse COVID-19 related expenses.

School Board Meeting
August 2, 2021
Immediately following the Public Hearing
Gilford High School Library

Superintendent's Message

June 11, 2021

To Families and Community Members:

The New Hampshire Department of Education wants to hear the perspective from staff, families and community members on the response by New Hampshire Schools to the COVID-19 pandemic this past year and how the experience should influence instructional plans for fall learning.

Please click on the links below to complete the survey.

Family Survey

Community Members

*Please note that "Community Members" are those who DO NOT have students enrolled in a NH public schools.  The families survey is for those that DO.


June 2, 2021

Good afternoon all,

I am sharing information from the New Hampshire Department of Education Office of Nutrition Programs.  Please review the attached documents related to Free and Reduced meals.  If you have any questions please reach out to the Food Service Director, Jonathan Dupuis at 603-524-7135.


Kirk Beitler, Superintendent of Schools

Parent Letter 2021
Flyer 2021


April 19, 2021
Gilford School District Update:

 I am writing to provide an update on our COVID-19 quarantining through this past weekend.  We have had several cases of COVID-19 in all three of our schools over the past ten days.  Gilford High School has been hit particularly hard with the number of people being required to quarantine.  There were three new cases of COVID-19 identified at Gilford High School this weekend.

We have 3 students and 1 staff member at Gilford Elementary School in quarantine right now.  At the middle school we have 16 students and 1 staff member in quarantine.  We have 107 students and 3 staff members in the high school that are in quarantine currently.

We look at each individual case when there is a positive COVID-19 case reported and complete the contact tracing based on interviews, camera footage and seating charts (bus, lunchroom and classrooms).  The school administrators and nurses have been extremely diligent about tracing the cases back to its origination.  Based on the information related to our latest outbreak in cases we have determined that none of the COVID-19 transmission has happened in the school setting or on the sports teams.

At Gilford High School four of the spring sports teams have been impacted because they have played a team that had a positive case of COVID-19 or they had a member of their own team test positive for COVID-19.  On the four sports teams almost all of the players on each team have been quarantined based on our contact tracing.  Right now the quarantining guidelines for an uncontrolled environment are 6 feet or less for an accumulation of 10 minutes or greater regardless of mask wearing.

We continue to wear masks in our schools, we continue to emphasize social distancing in our schools and we continue to disinfect our schools daily.  We need everyone to help by screening themselves or their children before coming to school.  If you do not feel well stay home.  If you have COVID-19 symptoms get tested.  We need help quarantining people that have been identified as a positive case of COVID-19 or have been identified as a close contact through our contact tracing.

I am attaching our screening tool for students and staff prior to arrival at school.  I am attaching the quarantining guidance from NH DHHS.  The quarantining guidelines can be found here.  

I am extremely proud of the Gilford Schools and all that we have been able to accomplish this school year.  We have done a tremendous job.  We need to stay focused on getting through this school year as safe as possible and that means we all have to be in this together.  Please take time to self screen and follow the quarantining guidelines.

Kirk Beitler
Superintendent of Schools

Weekly Self Screening Document


April 8, 2021
Gilford School District Update

I am writing to provide an update based on the Gilford School Board’s 4/5/2021 meeting.  The new Chair of the School Board is Gretchen Gandini, the Vice-Chair is Jeanin Onos and the secretary is Kyle Sanborn.  Audra Kelly and Karen Thurston our School Board members.

The Gilford School Board has adopted the latest NH DHHS travel guidance.  There will be no required quarantine for travel in the 50 United States.  It is important to continue to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and stay home if symptoms are present.  International travel and cruise ship travel will require a 10 day quarantine with the option of testing out on day 6 or 7 with a negative PCR test. 

  • No quarantine is needed for people that are vaccinated and 14 days has gone by since their vaccination,
  • No quarantine for individuals that have been infected with COVID-19 with proof of a positive test in the prior 90 days,
  • In a school setting we will use 3 feet or less for an accumulated 10 minutes of time for contact tracing and quarantining,
  • Family members of a positive case are quarantining for 20 days.

We have worked with the Winnipesaukee Partnership for Public Health and Lakes Region General Hospital to vaccinate 74% of our staff with the Pfizer vaccine.  Today is the first day of our second shot and next Thursday we will complete the second shots.  We are planning on having school in person tomorrow and Friday, 4/16. 

We have started to plan for the 2021-2022 school year.  We will offer in person learning for all students in 2021-2022.  Based on our staffing we will not able to offer remote learning the way we have this year.  For remote learning options we will direct families to Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS).  VLACS offers a k-12 program.  If families are interested in VLACS I would recommend getting connected with VLACS sooner than later.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Kirk Beitler


March 16, 2021

Gilford School District Update

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members,

I know we are all anxious for the warm weather to return and it looks like that could happen this coming weekend.  March in New Hampshire is an up and down month for the weather, but it brings us hope for warmer days.

Third Trimester Survey:

Our administrators, teachers and school staff are continuing to do an amazing job offering both in person and remote learning opportunities for our families.  If families are changing their instructional mode (remote or in person) for the third trimester they should have replied to the appropriate school Principals survey.  Please call the appropriate school for a link to the survey if needed.

Election Results:

I would like to thank all the voters that came out to vote on March 9, 2021.  The School Boards proposed 2021-2022 budget was approved by the voters.  Thank you for all that took the time to vote.  We greatly appreciate it.

Two School Board members were elected, Jeanin Onos was re-elected and Audra Kelly was newly elected.  Both were elected to three year terms.  Congratulations to our newly elected School Board members.

Vaccine Updates:

We have partnered with the Winnipesaukee Partnership for Public Health to offer COVID-19 vaccines to the Gilford School District staff.  On March 18 and 25 we will hold vaccine clinics at Lakes Region General Hospital for school district staff that have elected to be vaccinated.

New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System (NH SAS):

Each year, students in grades 3 through 8 participate in the NH SAS and students in grade 11 participate in the College Board School Day SAT and NH SAS science assessments. 

This year we will administer the following assessments:

  • NH SAS for English language arts/writing and mathematics in grades 3 through 8
  • NH SAS for science in grades 5, 8 and 11
  • College Board School Day SAT English language arts, reading, writing and mathematics in grade 11.

More information will be coming from the school Principals regarding the state assessments.

End of Year Events:

This is the time of year when we plan for our end of year celebrations.  Each school is working on the details of those events at this time.  Safety precautions are on our minds as we plan for these end of year events.  Please know that school administrators are working diligently to make these events meaningful experiences for students and families.

Keeping Our School Community Safe:

Please continue to be vigilant about wearing masks, physical distancing and washing/sanitizing hands.  As a school community we have had great success this year and I am so proud of the work we have done to keep our schools open.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kirk Beitler

Superintendent of Schools

Substitutes Needed

The Gilford School District is seeing qualified substitutes for teaching, paraeducators, custodial and food service.  

Applications can be found at, calling 603-527-9215 or stop by the District office at 2 Belknap Mountain Road.  

Fingerprinting for Volunteers and Chaperones

Kid Wearing Cap.png
The Gilford School District welcomes volunteers in our schools.

A fingerprint background check is required in all Gilford schools for individuals, volunteers and chaperones engaged in the following activities:

  • classroom volunteers

  • chaperones on field trips

  • assisting at school activities such as dances, plays and concerts

  • volunteer coach

Once a thorough background investigation and criminal records check is complete with no disqualifying records and the volunteer has completed orientation, the volunteer will be issued an identification badge to be worn every time the volunteer works in the school.  Click here for complete volunteer fingerprinting procedure.  

Fingerprint clinics are scheduled at the SAU office located at  2 Belknap Mountain Road.  A photo ID is required for identification.  

There are no volunteer clinics currently scheduled. 

The process takes approximately 20 minutes.  New sessions start every ten minutes.

Photos will be taken for ID badge.


Anyone who volunteers in the Gilford School District must complete an annual volunteer affidavit.

Volunteers who have already been issued an ID badge and would like a new badge for the 2020-2021 school year need to complete the Volunteer Affidavit and submit to the SAU office. 

The form can be printed, completed and submitted to the SAU.  

Gilford School District policies JFABD (Admission of Homeless Students), JBAA (Sexual Harassment) and JICK (Bullying and Cyberbullying) must be reviewed annually by all volunteers.  

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