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Emergency Calling System Information

Keeping you informed is a priority at Gilford School District. That's why we have adopted the an Emergency Notification Service which will allow us to send a telephone or e-mail message to you providing important information about school emergencies, cancellations, etc. We use this means of communication to notify you of school delays or cancellations due to inclement weather, and other emergency communications.

In the event of an emergency at school, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be informed immediately by phone.

What you need to know about receiving calls sent through Gilford's Notification System

  • Caller ID will display the school's main number when an announcement is delivered. They will display as follows: 527-9215 from Gilford School District; 524-7135 from Gilford High School; 527-2460 from Gilford Middle School and 524-1661 from Gilford Elementary School
  • Caller ID will display 411 if the message is a dire emergency.
  • The system will leave a message on your answering machine or voicemail.
  • If the message stops playing, press any key 1-9 and the message will replay from the beginning.
  • If you see a call from this number and there is no voice, press any key on your phone and it will start.

We have currently uploaded the home and cell phone numbers of the first two contacts listed in our student information system. In the event of an extreme emergency such as an unexpected early release, all four numbers will be called. In the event of an 'expected' snow day or other 'non-emergency' situation, only the primary number will be called.

It is important that we have accurate contact information for emergencies etc. If you feel any changes need to be made to your students' contact information such as e-mail address or phone numbers, please e-mail the following contacts:

GES:  [email protected]
GMS: [email protected]
GHS: g[email protected]

All school closings / cancellations can also be found at

Please Note:

Should a weather related late-entry occur on the day of an early-release in-service, the school will keep the students in school for the remainder of the day and cancel the in-service program.

MESSAGE FROM THE SUPT. regarding winter weather.

Dear Parents,

Before the winter is upon us I want to remind you of the procedures we use to make the decision to either hold or cancel school. Please remember the final decision as to whether or not children come to school is up to parents.

We monitor the weather forecasts daily; the decision making for a delay or snow day begins around 4:30 a.m. When a weather event is anticipated our transportation company, the director of buildings and grounds and the superintendent monitor the New Hampshire and Maine weather forecasts. The transportation company, the director of buildings and grounds and/or the superintendent are in touch with the Gilford road agent for road conditions, as well as plans for plowing, salting and sanding. The transportation company and the superintendent are in touch with the Gilmanton superintendent for information regarding the Gilmanton road conditions. Communication with the transportation company is ongoing.

It is not uncommon for WMUR to be reporting conditions that may be true for much of the state but not targeted or accurate for our specific region. The decision to hold school is based on all of this information. School is held only in the event that the assessment indicates that buses can safely pass over the roadways. Safety is the number one priority in making the decision.

If the roads are not expected to be in good condition (in other words buses cannot pass safely), by the time bus routes normally begin but they are expected to improve to an acceptable standard within two hours, then the practice is to delay school for two hours. If it is determined that road conditions will not be safe by 7:30 a.m. then school will be canceled. Every effort is made to get a message to you between 5:30 and 5:45 a.m. in the form of a voice mail.

These messages are for your convenience; however, even with the most reliable system we are still dependent on satellite technology, electricity and the internet to get a message to you. There is always the possibility that any one of these technologies could have a problem. If you do not receive a phone message please check Channel 9 - WMUR which lists the information about school delays or closings.

We are not a city district in a compact area. Our location in Belknap county is unique with drastic changes in elevation and dirt roads. This is important for you to know because it is impossible for us to know the conditions on every road. That is why we ask parents to use their discretion. If, in a parent's estimation, the roads from their location are not safe then they should keep their children home from school. Students will be allowed to make up any work that has been missed.

Thank you very much for your support and collaboration.

Kind regards,

Kirk Beitler
Superintendent of Gilford Schools

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